About Us

In the year 2013, we put together our experience in the world of both distillates and wines and commerce and we decided to undertake a new project together, opening a space dedicated to our passion: THE MAGATZEM

THE MAGATZEM is a space where you can buy, taste and learn about all kinds of wines, sparklings, distillates and other drinks and gourmet products. A 1.000m2 space with more than 4.000 references, which we increase and renew constantly

We are lucky to have 10 professionals in our team who are also very passionate for the project.

We are very thankful and proud of the fact that, during our first few years of life, we have grown together with the clients who trust us every day. Thank you. That's why we have decided to begin this new challenge: opening our online store to reach you more easily.

We are waiting for you!

Sònia Salas and Xavi Aineto